TC240: Overcoming the Challenges of Becoming a Great Piano Teacher with Emily Laney

Episode 240 - Overcoming the Challenges of Becoming a Great Piano Teacher with Emily Laney

Join guest host Sarah Buckley and guest Emily Laney today for a chat today which includes stories and real examples of finding your best teaching studio fit. They’re going to unpack how you can define and work with your current studio, challenges and all, and mold it into a unique best-fit for both yourself and your clients alike.

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  • [01:47] Exploring what a successful studio business looks like.
  • [04:21] Getting your teaching and studio to a higher level by making it more about the students.
  • [06:38] Making your recitals more exciting than the usual.
  • [07:34] The best changes Sarah and Emily noticed when they started out with teaching versus now.
  • [10:29] Boundaries – what it means and why we need it.
  • [17:30] Sarah and Emily share their experiences when their boundaries were challenged and their learnings from it.
  • [21:04] Sarah’s thoughts about the importance of a client’s financial investment and their investment in the goals they want to achieve.
  • [23:56] Sarah’s process of checking in on parents and students.
  • [25:36] Sharing their recent wins in teaching and what it meant to their students.
  • [28:55] Creating moments to support our students to become the best they can be.
  • [35:22] Emily’s thoughts about teacher differentiation.
  • [36:40] Sarah shares one of the best boundaries she implements in her studio.
  • [40:25] Lessons from experiencing burnout as a teacher.
  • [48:29] Stepping out of their comfort zones and experiencing positive results in the process.
  • [52:55] Sorting out priorities for growth and 5 year plans.

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About our Guest

Episode 240 - Overcoming the Challenges of Becoming a Great Piano Teacher with Emily Laney

Emily Laney is our Integrator and Content Director at TopMusic and a veteran teacher herself. Emily has enjoyed working in performing arts management in marketing and PR in addition to pursuing creative teaching. She volunteers in MTNA as club treasurer in her spare time.

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