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The TopCast - The Official Music Teachers' Podcast

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The TopCast airs weekly on Fridays at 11am Eastern. You can find us on your favourite podcast player app, Stitcher and Spotify.

TC252: Saving Hours of Your Time Through Newzik with Paul Leverger
Do you use your computer, laptop, tablet or phone to access your sheet music for practice, performance or teaching? If[...]
TC251: From Elementary Music Teacher to Teacher Mentor with Jessica Peresta
Have you ever had the intention to do something with your career and life shifts that completely? Jessica has that[...]
TC250: Creative Piano Mashups with Rebecca Singerman-Knight
With COVID and lockdown, a lot of teachers and students have been faced with the challenge of learning online. Teachers,[...]
TC249: The Art of Communication with Ben Kapilow
As a piano teacher or podcast host, it is so important for you to be able to connect and communicate[...]
TC248: Building community with piano parents and other teachers with Shelly Davis
The encouragement of piano parents to their children plays a huge part in their growth as a student. But, as[...]
TC247: It’s Just a Job! with Rachel King
Have you ever felt that sense of dread or burnout over teaching? Well, today’s member spotlight really shines a light[...]
TC246: Why ALL students need to sing with Nikki Loney from The Full Voice Podcast
Have you ever considered implementing singing in each of your lessons? Or is it already a part of your teaching[...]
TC245: Are Recitals the Best Way to Assess Students? with Tom Donald
Have you ever wondered whether recitals and forcing kids to perform on stage is really the best way to assess[...]
TC244: Supporting your local community with Mike Grande
We’ve got a return guest today, Mike Grande, who actually came on the show about a year ago right at[...]
TC243: Quick bites: Unpacking Evolution innovations with Tim Topham
Are you one of those teachers who want to expand their business while not trading time for money anymore? You[...]

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