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The TopCast - The Official Music Teachers' Podcast

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The TopCast airs weekly on Fridays at 11am Eastern. You can find us on your favourite podcast player app, Stitcher and Spotify.

TC237: Solving Makeup Lessons Once and for All with Laura and Dave from LessonMate
Have you ever been frustrated about makeup lessons? There are a variety of ways teachers handle makeup lessons from not[...]
TC236: Using an App to Augment Your Students’ Learning with Dan Harvey
Have you ever dreamt of having your own app that can help with your own teaching and relationship deepening with[...]
TC235: “What’s your secret project?” with Angela Myles Beeching
Have you ever wondered if you’re actually living your true life’s purpose? Or are you one of those who have[...]
TC234: Turning the pedagogy of music on its head with Will Baily
Will Baily turns the pedagogy of music on its head by pivoting to recreational music-making philosophies and student-led learning, from[...]
TC233: How TopMusicPro transformed my online piano lessons with Kara Hess
You can transform into the piano teacher you’ve always wanted to be - full of confidence and armed with knowledge[...]
TC232: TopMusicPro 5 Year Birthday Special
  I can’t believe it's been five years since we started this community and it's been such an amazing journey[...]
TC231: Trust that your impact on students is not futile with Christina Whitlock
There is nothing more fulfilling as a teacher than knowing that you’ve made an impact on your students’ lives. In[...]
TC230: How students with exceptionalities help us grow as teachers
Teaching students with exceptionalities has a deeper effect on us than just the satisfaction and happiness of making the student[...]
TC229: Exploring Styles through Improv with Christopher Norton
Composer Christopher Norton joins us to talk about exploring improv and how it relates to his compositional writing. We take[...]
TC228: The 10 Musts for Music Teacher Badassery with Elisa Janson Jones
Take your teaching to the next level with productivity hacks and music teacher badassery tips with Elisa Janson Jones. Elisa[...]

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